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    Postado em 13/11/2019

    Already in the air our new single BLOOD DEBTS marking the return of Bruno Santin on drums! About the music video: “The ...

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    Postado em 04/01/2019

    ENDRAH, the MMA affiliated metal band from BRAZIL returns for a California USA Tour Jan 2019.

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    Postado em 04/01/2019

    Show in LA! We will play with Trauma, the former Cliff Burton band that now has the original Testament bassist ...

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    ENDRAH based in Sao Paulo, Brazil was founded in 2002 and originally included Billy Graziadei of Biohazard fame. ENDRAH has released albums through Universal/ Epochal Artists, Dynamo, Coretex, and Sangre Records. The band now continues as a 4 piece with a new addition of Henrique Pucci on the drums (ex Project46, Paura) ENDRAH vocalist, Relentless was recruited after an exhaustive world-wide search and subsequent audition battle in 2005. The group has just released a new single titled, Your Life Deleted on all major digital retailers and streaming sites.

    ENDRAH has supported Hatebreed, Brujeria, and Unearth within Brazil and has headlined 8 National Tours of Brazil. The band has also toured the USA in 2011. Currently, ENDRAH is writing new material and planning tours of USA, EUROPE and SOUTH AMERICA.

    The band released the single Your Life Deleted, out on Distilled Entertainment digitally world-wide. This song features new drummer, Henrique Pucci, ex Project46 and Paura.

    ENDRAH was co-founded in 2003 with Billy Graziadei of Biohazard fame. The band plays their self-defined style of Extreme Fight Metal, which is a mix of thrash, death metal and hardcore.

    In 2019 Bruno Santin returned to the band and recorded the new single Blood Debts.

    The band is sponsored by numerous companies and has their own Team Endrah of professional MMA champion level fighters.

    We call our music a few things:
    Extreme Fight Metal
    Hardcore Deathmetal
    but it is basically a mix of thrash, death, and hardcore

    ENDRAH is:
    Adriano “Kardec” Vilela
    Bruno Santin